Butterflies, Tadpoles, Ants and Mantids

Previously Summit Toys teamed up with  distributors that will make sure you get the little critters you need.  If you are having difficulty  redeeming your coupon, please send your receipt/coupon copy to us at sales@alexbrandsmi.com

You can redeem your butterfly, tadpole, and Ant coupons online. Here’s how you get in touch with them…

For the butterfly coupon click HERE

For the tadpole coupon contact us at sales@alexbrandsmi.com

For the ant coupon click HERE

For the Praying Mantis coupon click HERE

We told them you’re a VIP and they are ready to help!

*For tracking information, please contact the vendor directly.

For the butterfly coupon:
Website: www.ribbitsgalore.com